October is the month of pumpkins

The month that boasts Thanksgiving (in Canada) and Halloween is synonymous with pumpkins. They show up in pie on many Thanksgiving dinner tables and later as Jack-o-Lanterns decorating many houses, but there are other recipes and activities with which to enjoy this versatile vegetable.

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May is the month of asparagus

Really? A post on asparagus? Yes, I honestly look forward to May when these green stalks appear at the grocery store. I know I will be making meals that we only enjoy for one month each year. It has won over the palates of each member of this household and has become one of our favourite vegetables.

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Thoughts on The 100-Mile Diet

As mentioned in Reading Non-Fiction, my goal is to share what motivated me to read the books and some thoughts that came from said reading.

This was a fun read for several reasons, but I mostly enjoyed it because we live in the same city as the authors and it made me feel very connected to the story being shared. Since reading the book, I have been encouraged to check out local mentions, like the UBC Farm, and pleasantly surprised at some items that are found locally (e.g. honey). Eating locally seems easy for some items that I like (especially fruit because of our closeness to the Okanagan!) and challenging for others. Community gardens are something I’ve never tried, but it makes me happy that the City of Vancouver supports growing local produce. I have tried urban gardening for the past 3 years with some success and plan to continue.

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For the love of food

I love food and it has a lot to do with my upbringing.

My mom was (and still is) a licensed cook. She would cook and bake at home and some of my earliest memories are of helping my mom in the kitchen. To this day, I still use her recipe for making chocolate chip cookies. And whenever I see brownies I think of my mom; she would whip up a batch after work (from scratch) to satisfy her cravings. I have to admit that I seem to have these urges now as well … must have something to do with being a mom.

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