October is the month of pumpkins

The month that boasts Thanksgiving (in Canada) and Halloween is synonymous with pumpkins. They show up in pie on many Thanksgiving dinner tables and later as Jack-o-Lanterns decorating many houses, but there are other recipes and activities with which to enjoy this versatile vegetable.

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2015 resolution review

My 2015 resolution was to make more “Me” time and blog. Although, I wasn’t successful blogging throughout the year, I feel like we did well on the “Me” time. The reason I say “we” is because most of the year, it was David encouraging me to carve out that time for myself.  Continue reading “2015 resolution review”

Thoughts on The True History of Chocolate

As mentioned in Reading Non-Fiction, my goal is to share what motivated me to read the books and some thoughts that came from said reading.

I do not remember my first taste of dark chocolate, but somewhere between making brownies with my mom in my tweens and my grade 10 art project on food, I did and there was no turning back. “White chocolate” and milk chocolate have been lost on me since. David knows my chocolate history, so for Christmas 2011, he gifted me a class at Xoxolat with his sister-in-law.

Hodie, the owner, hosts hour-long classes focused on “learning the many facets of chocolate, from the bean to the bar, and tasting samples of different beans, origins, manufacturers, and percentages of cocoa”. Seriously, the best class ever! Afterwards, we had so many questions that we spent another hour chatting with Hodie. She sent us home with a reading list and the invite to email her with any future questions.

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Trying out SPUD

On October 30, 2013, LivingSocial offered a deal for SPUD. I have heard mixed reviews about organic grocery delivery and community supported agriculture (CSA), but we were still interested in trying it for ourselves. So, I purchased the $20 deal and sent it out to some friends to see if they were interested, too.

spud box logo We really love the idea of eating local and seasonal food, but we are also frugal. We like paying $1/lb (or less) for produce. We’ve also got two young kids, so bananas will be a staple in our home for the foreseeable future.

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