Board games for couples: Lost Cities

Our board games for couples reviews would hardly be complete if we overlooked the Kosmos series of 2 player games. This time around, we explore Lost Cities, an “oldie but goodie” from renowned designer Reiner Knizia. There’s a board game now, but we’ve only ever played the card game.


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Reading together

As part of Family Literacy Day, I had a chance to read to my daughter in her classroom this morning, which was a nice treat. For us, reading is a nice go-to family activity that we all enjoy.

We’ve been through a lot of picture books. Below are some of our favourites.


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Becoming a carless family

Within a year of moving to Vancouver, it became evident that our car was spending most of its days parked and completely unused. My 13 km (each way) work commute turned out to be faster by my bike most of the time, and a lot less stressful. Lacey walked or biked the 3 km to City Hall. We were mostly using the car on weekends and for the occasional out-0f-town vacation. Without knowing the term, we were living “car-lite”.

Our goal over the next few posts is to document our family’s carless journey. This post will serve as background and we’ll followup with lots of actual data and analysis.

Our first car-free trip to Bowen Island


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Board games for couples: Innovation

Next up in our series of board games for couples reviews is the Golden Geek award winning card game Innovation. Despite being a 2-4 player game, the consensus is that this game works best with 2 players.

We play the 2nd edition of Innovation, but other than upgraded art and a few keyword changes, this review should apply equally well to the original edition.


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My Kingkiller Chronicle theories

My wife is all about reading non-fiction these days, but I love me a good fantasy novel. Even a newborn could not prevent me from (gradually) indulging in a new trilogy called The Kingkiller Chronicle, which came highly recommended by friends (despite the terrible cover).

Briefly, here’s why the series is notable:

  • The main character is your classic bard. He sings, sneaks, bluffs, and dabbles in the arcane. Not your typical orc-slashing protagonist.
  • It’s written as an auto-biography, with the story gradually catching up to the current time.
  • There are few characters. Contrast with other fantasy series where the characters could fill a phonebook.
  • The author had a plan and is actually sticking to it: 3 days of storytelling, 1 book per day. No filler material to perpetuate the storyline.

There’s a small catch: only the first two books are out so far. The final book, tentatively titled “Doors of Stone”, probably won’t be out until 2015.

Fortunately for you, dear reader, I’ve figured out exactly what will happen, thanks in part to clues left behind by the author in the books.

Art by Marc Simonetti
Art by Marc Simonetti

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Board games for couples

We love board games. Sadly, it’s hard to find solid two player games. Many games include two player “special rules”, but they rarely work well; the real gems are usually designed expressly for two players. Even then, a good two player game might be a terrible couples game, at least in our experience.

We found some other couple reviews on the web, but not many. So to celebrate TableTop Day, we’re going to start posting our experiences board gaming as a couple.
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