New Year’s Day

Last night we talked to our eldest daughter about New Year resolutions. We asked her if she thought there was anything she could improve on in 2015. She said “sharing”. Interestingly, we were attending a pancake breakfast this morning at our friends’ place. It was a lovely way to start the year: good food and good company. Not to mention, it gave our daughter an opportunity to start out the New Year practicing her resolution. We returned home for lunch and decided to spend the rest of the day at home.

During our youngest daughter’s nap time, eldest daughter and I made a reusable calendar. We took 12 old folders and opened them, glued a piece of graph paper on one half of each folder for the monthly calendar (I had already drawn the lines and wrote in the days of the week), and placed her artwork on the other half using scrapbook photo corners. IMG_2510David pointed out that we could have just used one folder and interchanged the months just like the artwork. Oh well, this reused more folders and what kid doesn’t enjoy more gluing.

We also had time to cut up Christmas cards (we will reuse the pieces to make next year’s Christmas cards), play Wii (Mario Kart and Wii Play), and start sorting six months of photos.

After our youngest daughter woke up, we spent a good chunk of the afternoon searching our house for our lost iPod touch (it has been lost for a few weeks). We were able to get the kids to help look for a short period of time by providing bike lights (i.e. perfect for looking under beds and stoves) and announcing that whoever found the iPod Touch would get chocolate as their reward. David eventually found it under the fridge, so he decided to try out some marshmallow chocolate that he got as a Christmas gift.

At supper time, we talk about the best part of our days. We all agreed that starting the New Year visiting friends was the best part. Now that the kids are asleep, I confess that being productive, being creative, reusing and playing are all great parts of the day, too. Those are not my resolutions though. Instead, I am going to make an effort to have more “Me” time and blog. Can’t say that I got a lot of “Me” time today, but at least I am kicking this off before bed!


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