Ultimate egg nog: the quest continues

Our quest for the best egg nog continues. Since our 2010 egg nog evaluation, we have been hard at work seeking out new contenders and refining our methodology.

Variety in 2011

More was the theme in 2011: more judges, and more than double the varieties of egg nog. Here are some notable additions:

  • Avalon and Valley Pride (organic)
  • So Nice Noel Nog (soy)
  • President’s Choice Chocolate
  • President’s Choice Blue Menu (“healthier”)

Egg nog test 2011

Our approach was the same: 5 different criteria each ranked 1-5. As you can see from the averaged ratings below, Lucerne still managed to come out on top. Surprisingly, the soy fared okay. The disdain for chocolate egg nog (blasphemy!) came through loud and clear.

Thanks to Jonathan for compiling the results.
Thanks to Jonathan and Maureen for hosting and compiling the results.

Methodology tweaks in 2012

The top 4 egg nogs from the previous round went head-to-head again. This time, however, we weighted the categories so that taste, for example, contributed more to the overall score. We drafted several formulae before realizing we were spending too much time on exponents and not enough on egg nog.

Egg nog test 2012

Unfortunately, the final scores were lost… possibly due to rum being involved. In any case, I think Lucerne still came out on top.

Home made in 2013

This year, we finally took the plunge and made a batch of our own egg nog. To be on the safe side, we opted for a recipe using hard-boiled egg. We didn’t formally score the egg nog, but it was disappointing. It smelled strongly of egg and there was sediment on the bottom of our glasses. The consensus was that we could converge on a good recipe over time, but why re-invent the wheel?

We also tried Bolthouse Holiday Nog, which wasn’t bad despite being made with skim milk and veggie juices. But we’re still suckers for the processed sugar-laden stuff from Lucerne.

What should we try in 2014?


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