Board games for couples

We love board games. Sadly, it’s hard to find solid two player games. Many games include two player “special rules”, but they rarely work well; the real gems are usually designed expressly for two players. Even then, a good two player game might be a terrible couples game, at least in our experience.

We found some other couple reviews on the web, but not many. So to celebrate TableTop Day, we’re going to start posting our experiences board gaming as a couple.

Here’s our angle:

  • We won’t cover rules and components; sites like BoardGameGeek have you covered there.
  • We have a young child and usually play at night after she’s in bed, so we prefer quick, low/medium complexity games.
    Complexity includes setup time, learning curve, cognitive load. (Arkham Horror is high; Boggle is low.)
  • We prefer non-confrontational games where we still like each other by the end.
    Confrontation as in “one player wins by beating down the other”. (Small World is high; cooperatives like Pandemic are low.)
  • We prefer highly interactive games where we actually talk and stuff.
    Interaction includes trading/sharing pieces, playing simultaneously vs taking turns. (Battlestar Galactica is high; Mr. Jack is low)

We’ll try to only post reviews once we’ve had a few plays. Anything else you think we should focus on?

Update: Here’s a list of all of our reviews to date.

3 thoughts on “Board games for couples

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