Ruby scripts for RPG Maker XP now on Github

Back in 2005 and 2006, while finishing up my CS degree, I taught myself Ruby and started writing extensions to RPG Maker XP with the aim of creating my own RPG. As it turns out, there’s still quite a community using RMXP (despite there being a newer version) and the original forum I published them on is long gone, so I’ve re-released them on Github.

Fog of warLots of messages at once

Random mapsFootprints

Auto Font Install
Dynamic Footprints
Fog of War
Input Text Event Command
Map Autoscroll
Multiple Message Windows
Random Map Generator

I was never entirely satisfied with RMXP, especially the Windows-only restriction. Recently, though, the browser has become a viable game platform, and I’ve been working on my RPG. This time around, it’s all Javascript via the Impact engine. Stay tuned for details.


2 thoughts on “Ruby scripts for RPG Maker XP now on Github

  1. Bob

    Multiple Message Windows is awesome! I hope I can request a bit of a bugfix with doing 2 windows where the 2nd window allows for choices. The choices arent selectable!

    1. Bob, I’m not actively maintaining the scripts unfortunately. But if you create an issue on the Github project, someone may come along and submit a fix which I can pull in.

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