12 movies in 2012

Update: see our results blog post.

We tend to watch a lot of movies. In 2011, for example, we watched over 60 from a combination of Netflix, iTunes, Blockbuster and the theatre. I couldn’t find any reliable statistics about “the norm”, but that feels pretty high. If you do the math, 60 movies works out to 5 full days, or, assuming a 40 hour work week, 6 person-weeks.

I don’t know about you, but I have a few projects on the go (like an RPG built using Impact) that could benefit from a few person-weeks of love.

So in 2012, we’re each limiting ourselves to 12 movies: I’m watching 12, and Lacey’s watching 12. If we both want to watch the same movie, that counts against both our limits. In theatre, on DVD… doesn’t matter.

I cancelled Netflix
Bye bye, Netflix

It’s not going to be easy. Movies are so temptingly convenient and effortless after a long, stressful day. And they fit perfectly into that brief window of time between our daughter’s bedtime and our own.

Even worse, there are lots of promising movies coming out this year:

Think we’ll make it? Dare to join us?


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