Ongoing quest for the best egg nog

From Christmas 2010

One of my fondest memories from Waterloo was a Christmas party where we spontaneously decided to taste test several brands of egg nog. The contenders were brands like Neilson, President’s Choice and Our Compliments.

As it turns out, another couple attending that party also moved to this area and we decided that it would be fun to evaluate Vancouver’s selection. The brands we chose were:

  • Dairyland Classic
  • Dairyland Original
  • Lucerne Holiday
  • Safeway Select Gourmet

We introduced a little more rigour into our approach this time around. Here are our (completely objective!) results, using our agreed-upon criteria and a scale of 1-5:

Taste Colour Viscosity Nutrition Packaging Overall
Dairyland Classic 8 13 13 12 10 56
Dairyland Original 9 11 7 13 11 51
Lucerne 16 14 14 12 19 75
Safeway 14 15 15 9 13 66

As you can see, Lucerne is the overall champion. Dairyland was particularly disappointing, tasting off and, in one case, having water as its primary ingredient.

One might expect that taste and nutrition would be inversely proportional, but in fact Lucerne was unanimously voted the best tasting but was not the worst nutritionally. I should also mention that the evaluations were done independently, not as a group, and there was a surprising degree of consensus in each category. (We are professionals, after all.)

Next year, we’ll introduce additional competition like Vancouver’s own Avalon.


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