How far I’ve come

Just stumbled upon this story, composed during my high school days. Seemed appropriate to share given our own upcoming addition to the family…


At one point during my youth, our family lived in the quaint community of Oak Bay, New Brunwick. Before my life became complicated with frequent “migrations” — before I even knew to care — this is what I called home. In any case, this was my very first home and, as such, the site of many memorable moments including my first tooth, my first steps, my first train ride and, the subject of this narration, my first encounter with a pregnant woman.

I was at the inquisitive age of four when a minister’s wife from a neighbouring town visited. Mom called me down to meet her friend who happened to be seven months pregnant at the time. I bounded down the stairs with a vigour characteristic of my age, stopping dead upon sighting the oddly-shaped woman.

Seeing my confusion, the lady explained: “I was just telling your mommy how I’m going to have a baby.”

Intrigued, I approached to get a better look at her abnormality.

“That’s right! I’ve got a little boy just like you right here.” She rubbed her bulging stomach for emphasis.

Not understanding how or where the boy was hiding within the blimp of a woman before me, I decided that further investigation was in order; I dropped to my hands & knees and peered right up her dress.

“I down’t see no baby, Mummy!”


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