Bridging the Gap

Transitioning to Vancouver has, on the whole, been pretty easy, but life here is different in many ways. A big one is the amount of homeless people. That’s not to say homelessness is unheard of in the Maritimes, but it’s certainly not as prevalent. Why is it so common on this coast? How does the city handle it? How can I help?

Homeless guy sleeping

Last night I joined a streetwalk with a group from Westside Church. The idea is simple: give out warm clothing, food, etc. and get to know the homeless folk in the neighbourhood. A lot of the guys appreciate the conversation even more than the supplies. In my mind, the best way to understand the issue is to meet those involved face-to-face. You really get a feel for what life is like for them.

Westside organizes regular walks during the colder months. If you’d like to come along sometime, just let me know.


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