Questions that Lost will never answer

So Lost has finally come to an end. Some of our theories were right, and some way off. Lots of spoilers below, so if you haven’t finished the series, you should probably stop reading now.

The finale met my expectations. I like the fact that Faraday was wrong everything wasn’t reset (i.e., the so-called “Incident” prevented) when the survivors detonated the bomb. If that had been the case, then everything we watched over the course of the series would have been undone. That’s not good story-telling.

Despite all the sci-fi goodness baked in, the series was ultimately about the characters and so the last reunion was fitting. I also appreciated the full circle ending with the bamboo forest.

That said, there are still a bunch of unanswered questions. I can accept things like the history of the island never being explained, but here are some that are still plaguing me.

“Now you’re like me”

The powers bestowed upon the guardian of the island (Mother, Jacob, etc.) are vague at best. Some attributes we’ve seen over the seasons:

  • Agelessness
    • Once the mantle of guardianship falls to him, Jacob never ages.
    • Jacob can also grant agelessness to others (Richard).
  • Teleportation
    • Well, the ability to leave the island somehow… Jacob visits the candidates all over the world at various times during their lives.
  • The Heart of the Island
    • Seems like no one else can locate it, though others are able to access part of it underground.
  • Healing
    • Jacob heals Locke, for example.
  • Weaving

That’s what we know. What we don’t:

  • What are “the rules” that Jacob and the Man in Black adhere to? Where did they come from? Are these the same rules that apply to Ben and Widmore?
  • How does Mother single-handedly plug the well dug by the Man in Black  and kill all of his people?
  • Where did Mother come from in the first place?


Walt is special. He appears to people soaking wet, talking incoherently.  The Others force him to take tests in Room 23. He somehow hacks into the hatch computer. Later, he saves Locke from suicide. Once he’s off the island though, he’s just a kid again.

I understand that the child actor playing Walt grew too quickly to continue his role. I would have liked some resolution here, though. How hard would it have been to find another actor?

Who’s invited to the reunion?

In the tearful final reunion, lots of people were present:

  • Jack and Kate
  • Sawyer and Juliet
  • Hurley and Libby
  • Sayid and Shannon
  • Desmond and Penny
  • Claire and Charlie (and Aaron)
  • Sun and Jin
  • Rose and Bernard
  • Boone
  • Locke
  • Christian

But where’s Richard? (He’s mortal now, remember.) Michael? Miles? Or, my favourite, Mr. Eko?

Perhaps minor characters weren’t included for maximal emotional impact. But Michael had more screen time than Desmond or even Juliet (never mind Boone and Shannon). Richard had a significant role throughout the series (more episodes than Christian, actually), but he didn’t get an invite.

Faraday is apparently staying with his mother Eloise for a while longer, and Ben still had issues to work out. At least that much is explained.

It would have been interesting to have Jacob present…

When all is said and done, I still feel closure. Lost has great story-telling, intriguing mystery, beautiful locations and believable characters who actually develop over the series.


2 thoughts on “Questions that Lost will never answer

  1. lightpuma

    Gosh I stopped watching Lost sometime around the part when Jin died and Sun had a baby. It was interesting up until then but honestly there were just too many questions and I hated being left hanging every time with even more questions without answers to the previous ones. TOo much.

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