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Thoughts on Carjacked

February 8, 2015

As mentioned in Reading Non-Fiction, my goal is to share what motivated me to read the books and some thoughts that came from said reading.

Carjacked kept coming up in conversation with people, so much so that I was getting annoyed. A little skeptical, I decided to read it to at least be able to better converse with people. This is what I took away from the book. Read more…

Thoughts on The True History of Chocolate

January 31, 2015

As mentioned in Reading Non-Fiction, my goal is to share what motivated me to read the books and some thoughts that came from said reading.

I do not remember my first taste of dark chocolate, but somewhere between making brownies with my mom in my tweens and my grade 10 art project on food, I did and there was no turning back. “White chocolate” and milk chocolate have been lost on me since. David knows my chocolate history, so for Christmas 2011, he gifted me a class at Xoxolat with his sister-in-law.

Hodie, the owner, hosts hour-long classes focused on “learning the many facets of chocolate, from the bean to the bar, and tasting samples of different beans, origins, manufacturers, and percentages of cocoa”. Seriously, the best class ever! Afterwards, we had so many questions that we spent another hour chatting with Hodie. She sent us home with a reading list and the invite to email her with any future questions.

One of her recommended books was The True History of Chocolate. Read more…

Broken umbrellas

January 23, 2015

Vancouver Living Rule #1: even if the weather is fair when you leave the house, don’t be fooled, take your umbrella with you because you will need it (you’ll probably need it every day from November through January and again in June). Read more…

Birthdays and bucket lists

January 17, 2015

Last week I celebrated my birthday. How did I do it? With food, of course! Read more…

Me Time in Week 1

January 8, 2015

Well, yes, I did make time for me since the last post.

Saturday started with breakfast with David’s brother, sister-in-law and niece. I made cinnamon buns and quiche. Well, actually, the bread machine made the dough, then I made it into the cinnamon buns. I let them raise in the fridge overnight.IMG_2533 Read more…

New Year’s Day

January 1, 2015

Last night we talked to our eldest daughter about New Year resolutions. We asked her if she thought there was anything she could improve on in 2015. She said “sharing”. Interestingly, we were attending a pancake breakfast this morning at our friends’ place. It was a lovely way to start the year: good food and good company. Not to mention, it gave our daughter an opportunity to start out the New Year practicing her resolution. Read more…

Biking with baby … and toddler

May 26, 2014

Since our previous biking post, our primary mode of transportation has been the MEC single bike trailer (for biking and strolling), supplemented with car shares and transit when needed. But when the new baby came along, we had to take a break from biking. Before she could sit up on her own and support the weight of a bike helmet, we tried sticking both girls together in the MEC single for short strolling trips.

Cozy in Stanley Park

Understandably, toddler complained of being squished. Once baby was able to hold her head up with a helmet on (guess what she got for Christmas?!), we decided it was time to start our pedal adventures as an expanded family. That meant we needed to upgrade from the MEC single bike trailer. Read more…


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