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Biking with baby … and toddler

May 26, 2014

Since our previous biking post, our primary mode of transportation has been the MEC single bike trailer (for biking and strolling), supplemented with car shares and transit when needed. But when the new baby came along, we had to take a break from biking. Before she could sit up on her own and support the weight of a bike helmet, we tried sticking both girls together in the MEC single for short strolling trips.

Cozy in Stanley Park

Understandably, toddler complained of being squished. Once baby was able to hold her head up with a helmet on (guess what she got for Christmas?!), we decided it was time to start our pedal adventures as an expanded family. That meant we needed to upgrade from the MEC single bike trailer. Read more…

Ultimate egg nog: the quest continues

December 31, 2013

Our quest for the best egg nog continues. Since our 2010 egg nog evaluation, we have been hard at work seeking out new contenders and refining our methodology.

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Trying out SPUD

December 21, 2013

On October 30, 2013, LivingSocial offered a deal for SPUD. I have heard mixed reviews about organic grocery delivery and community supported agriculture (CSA), but we were still interested in trying it for ourselves. So, I purchased the $20 deal and sent it out to some friends to see if they were interested, too.

spud box logo We really love the idea of eating local and seasonal food, but we are also frugal. We like paying $1/lb (or less) for produce. We’ve also got two young kids, so bananas will be a staple in our home for the foreseeable future.

Last week I decided to “cash-in” my coupon and order the Seasonal Produce Box from SPUD. Read more…

Board games for couples: Ninja

October 14, 2013

Time for something different in our board games for couples reviews. Ninja: Legend of the Scorpion Clan is a hidden movement game for 2-4 players that by most accounts works best with 2. My wife is a rogue at heart, so we were excited to give this one a shot.

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June is the Month of Strawberries

July 29, 2013

Ok, so this post is a month late, but I have a good excuse: new baby.

The past two summers, we have gone strawberry picking at a local farm. We like this one because it is easy to get to and they don’t use any chemical sprays on the berries. That second point was particularly important last summer when our daughter was 1.5 years old. She tried to eat the majority of the berries that she picked, so we didn’t worry about the berries’ safety. Strawberry picking is a fun activity to do as a family and works well with young children. Read more…

My Kingkiller Chronicle theories

July 25, 2013

My wife is all about reading non-fiction these days, but I love me a good fantasy novel. Even a newborn could not prevent me from (gradually) indulging in a new trilogy called The Kingkiller Chronicle, which came highly recommended by friends (despite the terrible cover).

Briefly, here’s why the series is notable:

  • The main character is your classic bard. He sings, sneaks, bluffs, and dabbles in the arcane. Not your typical orc-slashing protagonist.
  • It’s written as an auto-biography, with the story gradually catching up to the current time.
  • There are few characters. Contrast with other fantasy series where the characters could fill a phonebook.
  • The author had a plan and is actually sticking to it: 3 days of storytelling, 1 book per day. No filler material to perpetuate the storyline.

There’s a small catch: only the first two books are out so far. The final book, tentatively titled “Doors of Stone”, probably won’t be out until 2015.

Fortunately for you, dear reader, I’ve figured out exactly what will happen, thanks in part to clues left behind by the author in the books.

Art by Marc Simonetti

Art by Marc Simonetti

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Board games for couples: Hunters and Gatherers

July 7, 2013

This time we look at the standalone Carcassonne variant Hunters and Gatherers as a board games for couples. Although a 2-5 player game, Hunters and Gatherers plays well with just 2.

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